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TCB provides our insurance professionals with solutions to Americans every day problems. We provide Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, Annuities, Disability Coverage, Children’s Policies, Accidental Coverage, College Funding Plans, Guaranteed Issue Plans, and many more.


Mortgage Protection:

Mortgage life insurance is a life insurance policy that provides your client’s loved ones with a death benefit to pay off the mortgage when they pass away. It’s not just a piece of paper, though. It’s an investment in peace of mind. You client’s can rest easy knowing that their family will never lose their home, even if the unthinkable should occur.

The CHAULK Board has many life insurance policies with top-rated insurance companies so we can find a plan that will fit your client’s budget and needs. Our policies are term policies in which the term matches the term of the mortgage. We also have plans that can return all of your client’s premiums at the end of the term of the policy. Unlike mortgage insurance offered by mortgage lenders, the recipients of your mortgage protection life insurance policy benefits are your client’s family, not the mortgage lender. These life insurance policies are also portable, so if they move, the policy moves with them without any need to re-qualify. In most instances, they can apply for coverage without having to undergo a medical examination – all they have to do is answer the questions on the application.


Final Expense:

A final expense life insurance policy isn’t the same as what’s known as “insuring your life.” Insuring your life involves leaving your family and loved ones with enough financial support after you pass away to pay ongoing bills, and assist with the loss of income to the household. With Funeral Insurance (Final Expense, Burial Coverage, Etc), the value of your policy is proportionate to the expense of your desired funeral. While other forms of life insurance can exceed a million dollars or more in coverage, it’s rare for final expense insurance policies to get above $20,000.


Life Insurance; Term & Whole Life:

Deciding whether to purchase whole life or term life insurance is a personal decision that should be based on the financial needs of your client’s beneficiaries as well as their financial goals. Life insurance can be a very flexible and powerful financial vehicle that can meet multiple financial objectives, from providing financial security to building financial assets and leaving a legacy. Learn more to decide what is right for you client.


Indexed Universal Life (IUL):

Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance. It’s an insurance policy where the benefit is assured to be paid upon your death (assuming the policy is kept current). Also, unlike Term insurance, the policy can accrue a cash value within specified “indexes” (such as the S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100). You can choose the “index” based on your risk tolerance. The cash value has tax-deferred growth, making it an attractive alternative for retirement.


Indexed Annuities:

Indexed Annuities yield returns on your contributions based on a specific equity-based “index,” such as the S&P 500. With an Indexed Annuity there is a guaranteed minimum return, so even if the stock index does poorly, the holder will not lose any part of his investment. Conversely, the yields will be somewhat lower due to caps and fee-related deductions. They also offer a tax-deferred, retirement income. This is an increasingly popular alternative to market based retirement options, due to the downside risk. This is an option for investors who seek protection of capital. It can also be structured to give them income for the rest of their life.

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